It seems most cultures have at least one version of a flatbread. A couple of weeks ago, I used lavash, an Armenian flatbread, to make a blue cheese and fig tart of sorts.


Summer's Last Hurrah?

Do you ever panic that this will be the last week that fresh corn is available at your farm stand or market? I do. In fact, I wondered if today was that day at the Heirloom Farmers Market.


You Say Tomato, I Say Tonnato

Readers, meet Frank from the blog, Memorie di Angelina. Frank is fairly new to my blogosphere, but he has been posting wonderful recipes since 2009, and we clicked immediately over our mutual love and respect of authentic Italian food. Recently, he reposted his Tomato Tonnato recipe and I knew right away that it would be on our table within days.


Fig(ment) of My Imagination

When gifted with a lot of figs, as we were a couple of weeks ago, imagination is required in order to create a savory meal.



Longtime readers may note that Markipedia and I celebrate thousands - nay, millions - of anniversaries each year.


Friends with Benefits

Long after citrus season is done, there are other desert treasures that land on our doorstep in abundance.


Mumbo Gumbo

One of the definitions of "mumbo jumbo" is: "complicated activity or language usually intended to obscure and confuse." Perhaps this is where gumbo gets its roots? The infallible Wikipedia gives us more utilitarian, but equally fascinating, origins: “The dish likely derived its name from either a word from a Bantu language for okra (ki ngombo) or the Choctaw word for filĂ© (kombo).”