I never had a cassoulet in France. It’s the garlic thing again. But I have always wanted to try to make it. And New Year’s Eve 2018 was the moment. Susan (Provence WineZine) and Towny were here for a week of visiting, relaxing, eating, and – bien sûr – wine tasting. What better time to have this culinary adventure?


The Royal We

That would be me and Elizabeth. Yes, that Elizabeth.


The Boys from Syracuse

Or, more precisely, the Boys from Siracusa.


Perfect Puffs

Recently, on a trip to Pasadena, I found a 1955 Peter Pauper Press book with the slightly-corny title, A Merrie Christmas Cook Book.


Learning to be Flexible in Palermo

Mark will tell you that, when shopping for the ingredients for a specific dish, I have been known to go into a tailspin if the exact ingredients aren’t available.


I Want Both!

According to Giselle Philippi, the chef at Le Sud en Haut in Marseille, people often have to make a choice. In most restaurants, they must choose between the Steak au Poivre, or the Steak aux Échalotes.