Jumping the Gun

Who writes a food blog post before they have even tasted the food, much less before ever making it?


A Faux Finish

Are you thinking ragged or sponged walls? Grain-painted doors?


Too Much of a Good Thing?

When Honors College student Peter made a video of me making homemade orecchiette, I ended up with quite a few batches of pasta dough.


A Gift Not Given

As a host and hostess gift for an imminent house party, we bought the coolest antique molds. Both of us thought they were charming, and knew our hosts would love them, too.


Culinary Pyromania

I mentioned Crêpes Suzette once, in a post about dishes named for famous - or not-so-famous - people.


A Cultural Mash Up

Many years ago, I went to the Saxton's River Inn with my Aunt Rae during one of my many visits to her in Vermont.


I'm All Ears

When I tell people that making homemade pasta is easy, they often respond that they can't because they don't have the right equipment.