A Seasonal Starter

In our house, salad generally comes after the main course.


Looking Back

When the north wind blows, and the early spring rains come, I am glad to stay inside and daydream - about future adventures and those in the past. Even now, when it is warm and sunny, I love reminiscing about our travels.


Game Night

As regular readers, you know that I enjoy making traditional dishes, whether they be Italian, French, Indian, Moroccan, or - honestly - from anywhere. I thrive on the diversity of our planets cultures, and how food plays a part in our lives.


Eating Rome {A Cookbook Review + Recipe)

I have been following Elizabeth Minchilli's blog for quite awhile now. It's always the perfect site to visit when I want a virtual moment in Rome.


Hazelnut Chocolate Heaven - or - A Torta Grows Up

This is a recipe that I have been tinkering with for a while now, and I am pretty happy with how it has come out. Happy enough to share it!



Before moving to Tucson, we didn't know much about tequila. All we knew were the here-say of "shots" and bad margaritas. That was in New England, home to bogus Mexican restaurants, where frijoles in any form meant nothing but New England Baked Beans!