Cheese Cubed

It's been party, party, party this holiday season.


Homemade Pizza: A Safer Slice

Last summer, we attended a reunion for employees of a history museum where Mark worked in the Dark Ages (the 1970s and 1980s). I tagged along for the ride, but did not attend the reunion itself. (Me and 300 historians is not a good mix...)


The Tail Wags the Dog

For the most part, I plan a meal by carefully putting together all the different parts, making sure no one course is too much like the other, yet they all work together in perfect harmony.


Fit for a King... or Three

I am sorry, NOLA, but I was so disappointed when I saw what New Orleanians call a King Cake (or Kings Cake, or Kings Cake). My first thought: it was a perfectly nice yeast bread hopped up on sugar and decorated by a kindergarten Jackson Pollock.


Greens With Envy

Recently, I told my friend Kate that I was headed to the store, and she asked me to get her some escarole for a dinner party we were having together the next day. I happily agreed, got several heads, and put them in the fridge for safe keeping.


An Embarrassment of Limes

You can only drink so many gin and tonics in one day.