The Brown Issues

I know that I have ranted about cooking magazines before, but this rant is new and different.


Brown Rice vs. White Rice

The other day I watched a science-based YouTube video on the debate over brown and white rices. The host stated that “this will settle it once and for all.”


Spice is Nice

I love the flavors of Persian cuisine.


Summertime Blues

I think it’s odd that Alan Jackson sang the Country & Western hit “Summertime Blues” and yet today’s recipe is his, and it’s all about the red, not blue! Hmmm...



I can’t decide which I like best – almond desserts or citrus desserts.


The Element of Surprise

Sure, these look like simple poached pears. And it looks like I fancied them up a bit by adding mint leaves, and a berry sauce.


Rock Spaghetti Rocks!

Seven years ago this month, Mark and I were in Rome. It was sweltering - hot, humid, and hazy. Not my kind of weather.