Once in a Blue Moon

Mark and I lived in Maine for 10 years. Literally, it was 10 years to the day.


The Great Caper Caper

The year was 2000. Together with several friends, we had rented a restored medieval watchtower/farmhouse in Fiano, Italy. You may recall The Night of the Shawls from the same trip.


It's FryDay

Not deep fryday, but stir fryday.


The Science of Science

The other day, I told a friend I would make and bring focaccia to her party.


The Key is the Cacao

This is one of the simplest sorbet recipes I know, and it has been one of our favorites for decades. It never fails to delight dinner guests.


a.k.a. Ketchup

Where, exactly, did ketchup originate? Naturally, I started with my go-to source for everything: Markipedia. He said he thought it was Indonesian in origin.