Election Year

I know what you are thinking.  November 2012. U.S.  Presidential Election.  Right?

Wrong.  It's the Homies 2012!  And, thanks to my good friend Wes, Cocoa and Lavender has been nominated for - count them! - TWO Homie awards. One for Best Recipe Blog and another for Best Food Photography on a Blog.

Like many of you, I watched the Academy Awards on Sunday night.  And, as the nominees entered the theater on the Red Carpet, I listened to the actors saying that they didn't care if they won or not - it was just such an honor to be nominated.  I get that now.  I really do.  To know that one person out there believes my work as a blogger and a photographer is worth nominating means the world to me.  Of course, it would mean a lot if you went online and gave me a nod, too.  (You will need to register and sign in to cast a vote...)

Check out the Homies by clicking these two links:

Best Food Photography on a Blog

Thanks for all the support you have given to Cocoa and Lavender for these two years.  It is so much fun to write, cook, and photograph for you!

~ David

(Coming Saturday: Mulligatawny Soup!)


  1. Congratulations! I will click through and vote now. These are some beautiful photos, OMG is that a truffle??

  2. Anna, thanks so much for your vote! And, yes, that is a black truffle from Oregon! While not inexpensive, we are able to get them at this time of year in our local grocery store, and they are a fraction of the cost of having one shipped from France or Italy. This week, I treated myself to scrambled eggs with cream and truffles, with a salad of m√Ęche, and toast made with homemade bread. One of my favorite meals!

  3. Voted for your photography! Hadn't visited before but liked the name and came visiting. Photos are stunning!

    The link to the photo voting didn't work for me. I was already on the voting site in another window so no problem finding you and voting for you.

  4. Thanks so much, S Lehan! I am so pleased that a.) you found C&L, b.) you were able to navigate the system to vote and c.) you voted. Okay, there is a d.) you liked the photos! Please come back often. I try to post each Saturday but sometimes life gets in the way!

  5. Congratulations! I'll follow the old adage and vote early and often!! ;-)



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