How on earth did the summer go by so quickly?


Making Stuff Up

When our friends Yvonne and Allan deserted the desert this spring for the cooler climes of British Columbia, Canada (the same friends on Salt Spring Island mentioned last week), they were so kind as to leave us with some wonderful "toys" from their freezer.


Fashion Week: Pasta Purses - the New Prada

Quite a few years ago – in the year 2000 – Mark and I rented a beautiful Tuscan farmhouse in Fiano (Certaldo). The stone building, with a medieval watchtower at its core, was wreathed in star jasmine, and was the perfect setting for a two-week-long holiday we shared with a gaggle of women friends. Husbands, boyfriends and children were left at home with labeled frozen food and microwaving instructions; arrangements were made for cats and dogs left behind. It was a magical two weeks – sometime I will tell you about the Night of the Shawls from that same trip.


Greek Penicillin

This past week I had a cold and stayed home from work a couple of days. All alone. No one to take care of me. Woe was me.