Culinary Math

Last year we got four little tarragon plants which we used from time to time throughout the summer. But they had an amazing growth spurt recently and were overflowing their pot. What to do? I needed some inspiration...


Harvest Bounty

One of my fellow bloggers, Ahu of Ahu Eats, mentioned in a comment the other day that autumn is her favorite season. And, while I love all seasons - winter for its cozy fireside evenings, spring for renewal, summer for its intense sun - , autumn will always hold a special place in my heart.



If you are British, or have lived in Great Britain, a chestnut might be an old joke - one you have heard countless times. “Did you hear the one about the ...” or “A man walked into a pub and…”


Yes! We Have No Mangoes

Does anybody remember the song, Yes! We Have No Bananas? My father used to sing it from time to time and, as kids, we thought it was really silly.