Simple and Sweet

There is no secret to making limoncello. Some people will tell you that their recipe is a guarded family secret, that only Nonna has it, and she hasn't yet agreed to share the recipe before she dies. I can understand that kind of guardianship for a liqueur like Alkermes, which contains upwards of 20 different ingredients, but for limoncello? Nope. Just can't see it. We aren't taking rocket science here.


Saints Preserve Us!

Back from New Orleans, where the Saints are the team of choice, we made it to Tucson just in time to pick all the lemons off our tree before The Big Freeze. All our neighbors did the same and, together, we ended up with a slew of lemons that had to be used quickly! Yvonne is making marmalade with hers. My first project is making Moroccan preserved lemons.


In der Küche mit David

Recently, we had a truly wonderful visit with our friend Nancy from Portsmouth, New Hampshire.


A Killer Condiment

By now, I have told you all about my allergy to the dreaded G… Garlic. Through the ether I can hear the gasps of horror from those who didn't already know! But, please, don’t cry for me, Argentina! Nor do I want your crocodile tears, Florida! Instead, take Lewis Carroll’s words from Through the Looking Glass: “Consider anything, only don’t cry!”