Creamy Broccoli Soup for a Winter's Night

Every once in a while, I revisit a recipe from my mother's cookbook, From Mom's Kitchen. I very rarely make any changes; mostly her recipes are just right as written and, more than anything, they remind me of her.


Today's Date(s)

It is time to write about dates again, as I have been gifted seven pounds of fresh, beautiful Medjool dates from my friends at the Bard Date Company in Yuma, Arizona. They are almost too good to cook with - they should be eaten and enjoyed as is... but....


The Heart of Burgundy: A Valentine

I think one of the main differences between me and most of you, dear readers, is that I am older. And, by being older, I can pretty much say that I not only watched more episodes of Julia Child cooking shows, but that I also watched them when they first aired.

Today, I made Julia’s bœuf Bourguignon, a hearty dish from the heart of the Burgundy region of France... Heart, of course, being the operative word for Valentine's Day!


Weathering the Weather

After several weeks of sweet citrus recipes, I thought it about time that I gave you a break. with a few weeks of savory dishes. This cheese and mushroom bread pudding will do for starters.