The Language of Pie

In the summer of 1979, I went on tour with the Youth Symphony of the United States. It was the summer between my junior and senior years at the Eastman School of Music; I had hair, I was thin, I was young.


21 Inches or 53 Centimeters?

Either way, English or Metric, that is a tall - and potentially hazardous - pile of cooking magazines to keep on one's bedside stand. And that is what I had... until today.


The End of a Season

After the abundance of citrus in our lives these past four months, it is hard to believe that in a week or so, there will be no more until next December. Today, using the last ones of the season, we are making candied rosemary kumquats. My question is: are kumquats citrus or not?


Medici Madness

There is no March Madness in this house. (For those of you not in the sports world, March Madness is about basketball. ... At least I think it's about basketball...) We went for Medici Madness instead.


Three Years Later: A Ragù Revisited

How on earth can three years have passed since I presented my lamb ragù as the first post of Cocoa and Lavender?