The Key to Key Lime Pie

What is the key? Mexican limes! The truth is that "Key limes" and "Mexican limes" are the same lime and, according to my panel of experts (Mark), they are from neither Mexico nor the Florida Keys, but are an exotic introduction, originally native to Southeast Asia.


Mexican Lasagne

Potlucks are hard for me. I need more control...

Crystal Clear

Last week, after posting on my little French tart, and the week before that on cuatro leches cakes, I began to wonder why on earth I ordered very expensive French violet petals when our garden is brimming with colorful pansies, Johnny jump ups, and herbs - all of which can be crystallized easily.


A French Tart

This particular French tart is a what, not a who. It is a dark and intensely-flavored tart based on a traditional French confection, the mendiant, often served at Christmastime. Mendiants (which translates to mendicants or beggars) are chocolate palets topped with dried fruits and nuts that represent the four branches of mendicant Catholicism: raisins for Dominicans, hazelnuts for Augustinians, almonds for Carmelites, and figs for Franciscans, toppings that approximate the colors of their monastic garb. Curious? Keep reading...