Grillin' and Chillin'

Grillin' and Chillin': that was the theme of our monthly dinner group. It really isn't a potluck. (Remember my ambivalence about potlucks from this post?) These dinners are thematic and well orchestrated, and the food is always over-the-top good


I'm Not Bitter

When we went to New England to visit Mark's mother (who will turn 93 soon), the weather wasn't at its best, although it was better than usual. We desert rats tried not to be bitter about the cold (lows of 28°F on Mother's Day, for Pete's sake!) and rain, but it was hard...


Peachy Keen

Peach season has returned to Tucson and that makes me happy.


Pasta con Fusion

One of my passions is tradition in global cuisines. Holding onto traditional foodways can be very difficult in this day of cross-cultural relationships, easy access to a world of ingredients, television cooking shows, and a 'sky's the limit' approach to culinary creativity.


Sud-Ouest Cuisine

Yes, there is another Southwest! Today I am co-posting with Susan from The Modern Trobadors. She had an opportunity to try out some wines from the Southwest (Sud-Ouest) Region of France, specifically Gascony. If you want to know more about wines from this region, click here. Susan asked if I would be willing to make some Gascon Cuisine to go with her wines and I, of course, responded with an eager yes!