The Night of the Shawls

It was "love at first bite" in June of 2000, when I first slid my spoon into the silky, creamy panna cotta con frutta del bosco at Osteria del Tempo Perso in Montespertoli, Italy.


A Family Recipe

I don't make blueberry muffins – or any muffins – all that often but, when I do, I make my Aunt Rae's recipe. Today, I made them as a little birthday treat... for me!


So Far From the Ocean?

When Mark was young, his mother would say not to order fish unless you could see, hear, or smell the ocean. When only 45 minutes from the ocean, we have heard people order clam chowder only to be asked, "So far from the ocean?"


What Was I Thinking?

If you were to go to your cupboard right now, how many culinary items have you bought that you look at now and ask, "What was I thinking?" They looked really interesting, unique and fun when you bought them, but there they sit… unloved.


Stale Bread: It's a Good Thing

I remember the days when I could put a loaf of French bread on my table, and there would be none left after the meal. The butter would be used up, too. I was young. I had a good metabolism. I could handle it.