Each month, Mark and I write a recipe newsletter which I named recip(e)rocity.


Confessions of a Salt Addict

I used to hate salt. My poor mother was never allowed to salt anything if she expected me to eat it.


The Case of the Disappearing Desserts

No, this isn't a Hardy Boys or Nancy Drew mystery. But, along with the mysterious disappearance of Steak Diane last week, I noticed quite a few things that have disappeared from restaurant menus, and I wanted to find them.


Fashionable Food

Recently, I made Steak Diane. I haven't had it since 1978; I remember the evening well. It was Parents' Weekend of my junior year in college and, as a treat, my folks took me out to a fancy restaurant. It was the first time I ever had Steak Diane, or anything prepared and flambéed table-side. For a young college kid, it seemed really sophisticated and elegant. I haven't seen it on a menu since.


A Bone to Pick

I don't recall how we acquired Italy, The Beautiful Cookbook, but I do recall the first two recipes I made. Today's Osso Buco, along with a saffron risotto laced with marrow.