Great Expectations

I was recently sent an email from a marketing company asking if I wanted a sample of their product to write about. I love free stuff; I kept reading. The product also happened to be one of my favorite things. White anchovies from Wild Planet Foods, based out of McKinley, California.


Another French Tart

A year ago, I posted "A French Tart." The post got lots of hits, and I've never been sure if it was the chocolate that was so popular or if the words "French Tart" were what brought an entirely new audience to Cocoa & Lavender!


Dinner and a Movie

Many years ago, Mark and I started hosting "dinner and a movie" parties. As you probably can imagine, I never do anything simply.


Mother's Day

This weekend, Americans are celebrating their mothers, mothers-in-law, stepmothers (not the evil kind), grandmothers, and mothers-of-choice with cards, flowers, gifts and visits.


For the Love of Curry

I remember my first Indian meal as if it were yesterday - and I wasn't too keen on it, as I recall. That is particularly amusing to me now, as Indian food is not merely a favorite, but has become a go-to comfort food for any night of the week.