This Cake Has a Hole in It

Maria: "I am Maria Portokalos; Welcome to our home!"
Harriet: (Hands her a plate with something draped in plastic wrap over toothpicks).
Maria: "Thank you... what is it?"
Harriet: "It’s a bundt."
Maria: "A bunh?"
Harriet: "Bundt."
Maria: "B-b-b-b-bunk?"
Harriet: "Bund-T."
Maria, nodding: "Bunnnnt…t"
Harriet, frustrated: "Bundt! Bundt!
(Neighbor to Maria in Greek): "Είναι κέικ Μαρία." (It’s a cake, Maria.)
Maria: "It’s a cake... I know! Thank you, thank you very much." (Walking away, aside to neighbor): "There’s a hole in this cake!"


Summer Slump

It's hot. It seems as though it's been hot forever. It seems like it WILL be hot forever. (We know it won't.)


Singing for Supper (or Dessert)

Cantuccini. Italian. Cookie. It must have its root in the word cantare - to sing, I thought. They must mean "little songs," I said aloud to no one in particular...


A Diva's Delight

I have made an authentic pasta alla Norma only once.


Golden Days in Heidelberg

After 34 years, I still have clear and vivid memories of my café life in Heidelberg, Germany. As the song in Romberg's The Student Prince goes, "Golden days, in the sunshine of my happy youth. Golden days, filled with gaiety and full of truth..."