When Will I See You Again?

Whenever we traveled to the Berkshire Mountains in Western Massachusetts to see Mark's parents, we made sure the visit included a meal at Bombay Bar and Grill in the Black Swan Inn in Lee. Most times, we took his parents Jim and Dorothy with us and, once, we were joined by his Aunt Naoma and Uncle Charles (Jim's twin brother).


Prickly Pear Prose & Poetry Post

If you were a bear, living in our desert, you might eat prickly pears right off the plant... carefully, as Baloo taught Mowgli in Disney's The Jungle Book.


Cooking for the KGB

I bet you thought I was kidding. Truly, I entertained a member of the KGB one night in my little bungalow in Upstate New York. You may well ask, how did this happen?


The Case of the Haunted Tastebuds

Have you ever been at a restaurant, loved something a lot, and asked for the recipe? Sure you have. I used to ask a lot but, with the Web, it is a lot easier to find recipes without asking.


Jumping the Gun

Who writes a food blog post before they have even tasted the food, much less before ever making it?