Khorma Karma

When the weather gets chilly we pull out our favorite comfort food recipes to combat the cold. It is also a good time to experiment with making favorite dishes we have never attempted at home.


Strong Bread

Panforte, translated from Italian, is “strong bread.” It got its name for the strong spices that are used in and, in fact, was originally called panpepato (peppered bread) for its use of black pepper. However, it is not bread in our modern sense, but a rich confection of nuts flavored with citrus peel and spices.


The Pumpkin Craze

It seems like every fall we are bombarded by hundreds, perhaps thousands, of pumpkin recipes: pies, cakes, breads, tarts, rolls, gelati, custards, and so on. Mostly deserts.


A Venetian Favorite

Prior to visiting Venice two years ago, I would never have imagined that my favorite Venetian pasta dish would have been based on two humble ingredients: anchovies and onions.


Babette's {Half} Feast

In the 1987 Gabriel Axel film Babette's Feast, our protagonist Babette wins the lottery, and proceeds to spend her entire winnings on one lavish French meal for her austere Calvinist employers. I'd do that. Wouldn't you?