It's a Lamb! It's a Cake! It's a Lamb Cake!

While lamb is a very traditional Easter dish, today's post is about neither cute little lambs, nor succulent roast lamb.


Melting Pot

The kitchen has truly come to be the place where all cultures meet. Mostly, it's peaceful.


Multiple Choice

A.)           Today was my day to make Meyer lemon gelato.
B.)           What is a Meyer lemon?
C.)          Today was NOT my day to make Meyer lemon gelato.

If you chose "C," you are correct. Sigh.


Harira, There, and Everywhere

I first had harira in Marrakech in 1991. I was in a hotel restaurant, seated in a banquette with five others, surrounded by zelij-covered walls in dizzying patterns and colors. We were staying at the Hotel La Mamounia, definitely my most elegant hotel experience.