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Friends with Benefits

Long after citrus season is done, there are other desert treasures that land on our doorstep in abundance.


Mumbo Gumbo

One of the definitions of "mumbo jumbo" is: "complicated activity or language usually intended to obscure and confuse." Perhaps this is where gumbo gets its roots? The infallible Wikipedia gives us more utilitarian, but equally fascinating, origins: “The dish likely derived its name from either a word from a Bantu language for okra (ki ngombo) or the Choctaw word for filé (kombo).”


Recipe Evolution

Many years ago, I tried wrapping fish in potato slices, sautéing it, then finishing it in the oven. It was "the thing" at the time. It never worked because the potato and fish never finished cooking at the same time. To me, it wasn't worth having overcooked fish just to have a nicely browned, fully cooked potato crust. Or undercooked fish wrapped in bland shoe leather.