Pain Perdu: Paradise Found

The French expression for French toast is «pain perdu» - or lost bread. It is a way to reclaim, or use, bread that is no longer fit for eating at the table.


Cookie Criteria

I have admitted several times on this blog that I am not a big cookie baker.


Sweetie Pies

For a while, when I was young and naïve, I wanted to open a pie shop. It's name was to be Sweetie Pies.


Just in Time

We first encountered mandarinello in the spring of 2002, when we were staying a week in Vernazza, one of the five villages that comprise the Cinque Terre.


One of a Baker's Dozen

When I was growing up, I knew I was lucky to have a mom who was, in addition to being a fine cook, a terrific baker. Cakes, cupcakes, pies, cobbles, cookies, squares, bread, biscuits - all seemed to flow effortlessly from her oven. Much later, I learned there is no such thing as effortless baking... or is there?