When Hummus Isn't Hummus

I made this appetizer recently to bring to a dinner party. I described it as a "roasted chickpea spread," and the hostess replied, "Oh, you're bringing hummus." No, I said, this is not hummus.


It's a Grind

Recently, I was lucky enough to win a beautiful German-made KoMo Classic Grain Mill from Pleasant Hill Grain through a giveaway contest on my friend Christina's blog, Christina's Cucina. Her blog is fantastic, especially if you want either authentic Italian or Scottish recipes - as she is both!


Out on the Streets

The weekly market in Siena.
To me, a city's street food is the soul of its culture. It's honest, authentic, and traditional.


Year-Round Comfort

Several years ago I posted one of my favorite recipes for a Baked Cabbage Soup; it is an addictive combination of pancetta, bread, cabbage, and cheese.