A Taste of Paris {Book Review and a Recipe}

I received an advance copy of A Taste of Paris by David Downie from St. Martin’s Press; the book released this past week. When offered the book for review, my first question was, “Are there recipes?” No, it is “a history of the Parisian love affair with food,” which is, in fact, the subheading of the book. I love Paris. I love food. I said, yes.


Do As I Say...

“… or there’ll be hell to pay.” I heard that a lot growing up.


White Gold

I am a big fan of truffles. The chocolate kind, for sure, but today is about the fungi.


Family Style

When I was growing up, I didn't know that our style of serving meals growing up had a name. I know it as family style now but, then, it was just the way Mom and Dad did it. It wasn't necessarily a daily thing, but I know for sure it was served that way every Sunday evening.


Taking on The New York Times

In the past several months, The NY Times has posted quite a few eggplant recipes. Being an avid eggplant fan, I buy some every week from Larry's Veggies at the farmers market, and have now made three of the Times' recipes.