Bits, Scraps, and Orts

I tend to keep lots of little bits and pieces of leftover food. I just can't throw them away; in my mind, wasting food is not a good thing.


Il Bonet è Buono

Our neighborhood restaurant, Tavolino, serves several Italian desserts but there is only one we order, and that is the Bonet. This dessert is a great choice for your holiday table.


Channeling the Ancestors

Pumpkin pie isn’t just for Thanksgiving, you know. It’s good for any holiday. Even Valentine’s Day.


In the Mood

The other day I bought blueberries in order to have some healthy fresh fruit for dessert. You know, with the holidays coming...


Par for the (Nine) Courses

Soon after we moved to Tucson, we were invited to a birthday party for a small child… she was turning two years old. She was born into a very traditional Chinese family and, from what we understood, a child’s second birthday is very significant.