B'stila My Heart

I first had b’stila in Morocco in 1991. It wasn’t made with chicken, but with quail or perhaps pigeon. The meat certainly was not boneless; the bird was simply hacked into pieces, bones and all. I had never before (and never since) had so many small bird bones to pick from my teeth!


Special Equipment Required

Special note: recently, I’ve stopped receiving notifications of your comments and inadvertently was not responding. I have now responded to all your thoughts and questions. Thank you for your kind words, and know you are always appreciated as a loyal reader! 

Have you ever flipped through a magazine and come across a recipe that calls for a specific implement, pan, or other piece of equipment?


It Curdn't Be Easier!

I told my friend Lisa that I was making lemon curd today, and asked if she liked it.


It's a Sign

Sometimes I randomly buy something at the farmers market simply because it looks so good that I can't resist it. It gets more random when I get home to find a recipe from one of my favorite bloggers calling for that specific ingredient. For me, it’s a sign.


A Time to Grill, A Time to Chill

Summer is upon us. Minnesota? New England? Are you finally with us? Wow, did we feel for you this “spring”!