Going Nuts!

I generally don’t need much of an excuse to go nuts in the kitchen, but this week I had a great excuse. My friend Todd brought me some organic toasted hazelnuts from his recent trip to the Piedmont in Italy.


Something For Everyone + A Cookbook Review

I haven’t done a cookbook review on Cocoa & Lavender for a long time, but it’s not because I haven’t been asked. It is simply that none of those offered has appealed to me.



Celebrations are fun. Holidays. Graduations. Engagements. New houses. Birthdays. Anniversaries. Even Fridays evenings are worth celebrating for those of us who work!


Steak au Chocolat

During Independence Day week, when Mark and I were visiting friends Susan and Towny in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, I met the amazing Enna Grazier who, with her husband Matt, are the founders of Enna Chocolate.